CSMS Daily Announcements for Mar. 28

CSMS Announcements

March 28, 2014



Attention NJHS members:


 There is an NJHS meeting in the lecture room next Thursday at 8:00 A.M.

Again, NJHS members, there is a meeting in the lecture room at 8:00 A.M.next Thursday.



April 11th is the LAST DAY to pre-order your yearbook!  Books are $40.  Pick up an order form from the office or from Mrs. Peoples in room 712.  Turn it in to Mrs. Peoples OR in the folder in the office.


Hey CSMS! Guess what day it is...Cubs, Cubs, Cubs...Come on, you know - it's college gear day! Next Wednesday, April 2nd, will be our next college gear day. Time to dress in all your favorite college gear - shirts, hoodies, and caps.  Is your STAAR testing room cold? Wear your favorite college hoodie. Are you dreaming about March Madness? Wear your favorite college basketball team. Don't forget -Wednesday, April 2nd.


7th graders who received an application for NJHS...please listen up.  Today is the last day for you to come to a writing session.  There will not be a tutorial bus running, so please make sure that you have a ride when you are finished.







Students.  TuesdayWednesday, and Thursday this week we will be STAAR testing.  Please keep your cell phones at home or in your locker these days.



The 7th grade girls went to Madisonville to compete yesterday. The field events were canceled due to weather conditions but we did win the running events. We scored 158 points to second place AMCMS with 120. 


Individual Winners:

2400 m Run: 2nd Anna Kate Bradford, 3rd Callie Woods, 6th Grace Beikrich.

Sprint Relay: 3rd place Runners: Kaitlyn Silvey, Branasha Lewis, Victoria De La Garza, Treece Daily.

800m Run: 1st Shawnee Chavez, Erin Clendenin, 4th Krista Collins.

100m Hurdles: 1st with a new school record of 15.89 Annika Williams, 3rd Hailey Thornton, 6th Kaitlyn Silvey.

100m Dash: 2nd Treece Daily

800 m Relay: 3rd place Runners: Kaitlyn Silvey, Branasha Lewis, Cammie Winder, Grace Davis.

400 m Run: 1st Shawnee Chavez, 5th Makenzie Bennett

300m Hurdles: 2nd Erin Clendenin

200 m Dash: 1st Annika Williams, 5th Grace Davis

Mile Run: 1st Anna Kate Bradford, 2nd Yaxin Duan, 4th Callie Woods.

Mile Relay: 1st place Runners: Treece Daily, Shawnee Chavez, Elise Payne, Annika Williams


Two people were high point. Shawnee Chavez and Annika Williams tied with 25 total points.


Our next meet and last meet is District which will be Thurs. April 3 at Consol High School. Please come out and cheer loud!!!



The Girls Track team went to Madisonville last night to compete. The 8th grade girls won with a score of 163 points over AMCMS with 128. The field events were all cancelled due to the weather so we only had running events.

Individual winners: 

Two mile: 1st Jillian Phillips, and 4th Cassandra Hudson

sprint Relay: 1st place; Runners: Elmendorf, Allen, Gracia, Hall

800 m Run: 2nd Rocio Moran, 4th Bethany Butler, 6th Morgan Green

100m Hurdles: 1st Brook Buckley, 4th Maddie Tamplin, 6th LaDonna Allen

100 m Dash: 6th Kaitlyn Kocman

800 m Relay: 2nd Runners: Jillian Phillips, Kaitlyn Kocman, Bethany Ralston, Kate Hinckley.

400 m Run: 2nd Rachel Gracia, 4th LaDonna Allen.

300 m Hurdles: 3rd Cassandra Hudson, 4th Abby Medina, 5th Ali Chavez.

200m Dash: 1st Ashley Hall, 2nd Kate Hinckley

Mile Run: 1st Jillian Phillips, 2nd Morgan Green, and third Ashley Poprik.

Mile Relay: 1st place Runners: Bethany Ralston, Bethany Butler, Rachel Gracia, and Ashley Hall.


High Point winner was Jillian Phillips with 24 points.


Our District meet is next Thurs. at Consol come out and cheer!!!



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