CSMS Daily Announcements for Mar. 24

CSMS Announcements
March 24, 2014

Question of the day... What does 1 out of every 4 students at CSMS have???

If you guessed an overdue book or library fine...you are correct!!!

SO, take a look in your locker, backpack, classroom, and any other place you have been reading lately, and get those books turned in!

Also, don't forget to scrape up some change and get those fines squared away asap!!! Field trips and special events are right around the corner, and you don't want to miss out! Look forward to seeing you soon at your friendly CSMS library!

Attention Student Council and NJHS Members:

If you want to sign up to work the Greens Prairie Rodeo this weekend, sign-ups will continue through this Thursday.

They need volunteers to help set up, man the cake walk, help with the bounce house, sell tickets, paint faces, etc.

Set up will be
Friday, and the rodeo is
Saturday. There is a sign-up sheet outside Mrs. Sampson's classroom door if you'd like to volunteer for a shift or two!

Again, NJHS and Stu-Co sign-ups to work the Greens Prairie Rodeo will end this Thursday.

Attention Wing'n It Improv Troupe members:

We will have a meeting after school today until 4:30. Again, Wing'n It Improv troupe members will have a meeting after school today until 4:30.

Over the weekend CSMS students participated in the U.I.L Academic Invitation meet. All students did great and represented CSMS well! If you were not there for the Award ceremony and placed, please see Mrs. Morrison in room 721 to receive your ribbon or medal. Here are the results:

7th grade Ready Writing :
Aisha Serpedin - 5th place
Selina Ding - 6th place
Judy Zhou - 4th place

8th grade Ready Writing :
Grace Lindahl - 2nd place

7th grade Editorial writing :
Aisha Serpedin - 4th place
Judy Zhou - 2nd place

8th grade Editorial Writing:
Hannah Pierdolla - 3rd place

7th grade Science:
Abhirath Bhuvanesh - 6th place
Judy Zhou -5th place
Yaxin Duan - 4th place

8th grade Sceience:
John Ives - 2nd place
Ashika Verma - 1st place

7th grade Math:
Judy Zhou - 5th place
Selina Ding - 3rd place
Ludy Lu- 1st place

8th grade Math:
Ashika Verma - 5th place
Peter Liu - 2nd place

7th grade Oral Reading:
Taryn Hairston - 3rd place
Eliza Roeth - 2nd place
Sophia Hernandez - 1st place

8th grade Oral Reading:
Tacey Raluerson - 5th place
Hannah Franke - 2nd place
Luke Hoffman - 1st place

7th grade Number Sense:
Judy Zhou - 4th place
Jessica Peng - 2nd place
Ludy Lu - 1st place

8th grade Number Sense:
Ashika Verma - 4th place
Richard Yu - 2nd place
Peter Liu - 1st place

7th grade Dictionary Skills:
Aisha Serpeding - 6th place
Joshpen Ntaimo - 3rd place
Kelsey Shao - 2nd place

8th grade Dictionary Skills:
Jack Leigh - 5th place
Eli Durrand-Ganz - 4th place
Richard Yu - 3rd place

7th grade Impromptu:
Eliza Roeth - 3rd place
Tanner Rodman - 1st place

8th grade Impromptu:
Tiffany Ha - 3rd place
Rosetta Wang - 1st place

7th grade Calculator:
Selena Ding - 4th place
Philip Kim - 3rd place
James Pate - 1st place

8th grade Calculator:
Ashika Verma - 6th place
Rosetta Wang - 5th place
Richard Yu - 4th place

7th Maps, Charts, and Graphs:
Conner Lindsey - 5th place
Veria Puerta - Alvarado - 2nd place

8th Maps, Charts, and Graphs:
Adam Dharani - 4th place
Richard Yu - 1st place

7th grade Listening Skills:
Judy Zhou - 2nd place

8th grade Listening Skills:
Sarah Yao - 1st place

7th grade Social Studies:
Veria Puerta-Alvarado - 1st place

8th grade Social Studies:
John Clendenin - 5th place
Omar Al Douri- 3rd place
Mark Cahill - 1st place

7th grade Spelling:
Aisha Serpedin - 3rd place
Joseph Ntaimo - 2nd place
James Pate - 1st place

8th grade Spelling:
Sharon Zaldivar - 6th place
Anna Bardenhagen - 3rd place
Ashika Verma - 2nd place

Buongiorno, Cubs! (pronounced bon-jor-no)

When you hear the word Italy, what do you think of first? I bet you thought of some kind of food, right? Did you know there are over 140 different types of Italian pasta or that each Italian consumes an average of 55 pounds of pasta each year?
Spend a week in Italy next spring break with Mrs. Sampson, and enjoy Italian pasta in person!
There is an informational meeting about a spring break trip to Italy
Tuesday, March 25th, at 5:30 in Mrs. Sampson's classroom.
There are also brochures you can pick up ahead of time from her. Arrivederci! (pronounced arriva-dare-chee)

Attention U.I.L. Impromptu members:
We will have practice Tuesday morning in Mrs. Morrison's room. Again, U.I.L Impromptu members, we will have practice Tuesdaymorning in Mrs. Morrison's room.

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