UIL Academic Results

CSMS 7th Grade Team Won Their Competition!

Congratulations to all of our UIL Competitiors!  Results from the Oakwood competition:


7th grade Ready Writing :

Aisha Serpedin - 5th place

Selina Ding - 6th place

Judy Zhou - 4th place


8th grade Ready Writing :

Grace Lindahl - 2nd place


7th grade Editorial writing :

Aisha Serpedin - 4th place

Judy Zhou - 2nd place


8th grade Editorial Writing:

Hannah Pierdolla - 3rd place


7th grade Science:

Abhirath Bhuvanesh - 6th place

Judy Zhou -5th place

Yaxin Duan - 4th place


8th grade Sceience:

John Ives - 2nd place

Ashika Verma - 1st place


7th grade Math:

Judy Zhou - 5th place

Selina Ding - 3rd place

Ludy Lu- 1st place


8th grade Math:

Ashika Verma - 5th place

Peter Liu - 2nd place


7th grade Oral Reading:

Taryn Hairston - 3rd place

Eliza Roeth - 2nd place

Sophia Hernandez - 1st place


8th grade Oral Reading:

Tacey Raluerson - 5th place

Hannah Franke - 2nd place

Luke Hoffman - 1st place


7th grade Number Sense:

Judy Zhou - 4th place

Jessica Peng - 2nd place

Ludy Lu - 1st place


8th grade Number Sense:

Ashika Verma - 4th place

Richard Yu - 2nd place

Peter Liu - 1st place


7th grade Dictionary Skills:

Aisha Serpeding - 6th place

Joshpen Ntaimo - 3rd place

Kelsey Shao - 2nd place


8th grade Dictionary Skills:

Jack Leigh - 5th place

Eli Durrand-Ganz - 4th place

Richard Yu - 3rd place


7th grade Impromptu:

Eliza Roeth - 3rd place

Tanner Rodman - 1st place


8th grade Impromptu:

Tiffany Ha - 3rd place

Rosetta Wang - 1st place



7th grade Calculator:

Selena Ding - 4th place

Philip Kim - 3rd place

James Pate - 1st place


8th grade Calculator:

Ashika Verma - 6th place

Rosetta Wang - 5th place

Richard Yu - 4th place


7th Maps, Charts, and Graphs:

Conner Lindsey - 5th place

Veria Puerta - Alvarado - 2nd place


8th Maps, Charts, and Graphs:

Adam Dharani - 4th place

Richard Yu - 1st place


7th grade Listening Skills:

Judy Zhou - 2nd place


8th grade Listening Skills:

Sarah Yao - 1st place


7th grade Social Studies:

Veria Puerta-Alvarado - 1st place


8th grade Social Studies:

John  Clendenin - 5th place

Omar Al Douri- 3rd place

Mark Cahill - 1st place


7th grade Spelling:

Aisha Serpedin - 3rd place

Joseph Ntaimo - 2nd place

James Pate - 1st place


8th grade Spelling:

Sharon Zaldivar - 6th place

Anna Bardenhagen - 3rd place

Ashika Verma - 2nd place

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