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March 7, 2014



Attention 8th graders: Applications for AVID for the 2014-2015 school year are due TODAY.  The application packet must include an essay, names for teacher recommendations, and a parent form. Don't wait till the last minute!!  Turn in completed applications to the front office. See Mrs. Nail in room 508 for questions.

For more information, contact Janna Nail, jnail@csisd.org.





*      7th and 8th grade boys track Results

*      We received 1st place Both 7th and 8th grade

*      Mitchel Cashion broke a 3 year Mile record with a time of 4 minutes and 55 seconds.  Which was previously held By Jay Payton with a time of 4:56.

*       8th grade received 1st place in every event except 2.  




The Lady Cubs hosted Madisonville and Caldwell last night in track. We won the 8th grade girls division with 294 points, second was Caldwell with 167, and Madisonville scored 87 points. 


Individual winners:

Long Jump: 6th place- Abby Medina, 2nd place finisher was Bethany Ralston with a personal record of 13 feet 7 inches, and Kate Hinckley placed 1st with a personal record of 15 feet.

Triple Jump: 3rd place Graeson Johnson, 2nd place Rachael Gracia, and 1st place Shelby Williams with a personal record of 30 feet 11 1/2 inches.

Shot Put: 5th place Scout Grimes, 2nd place Hailey Daniel with a personal record of 23 feet 6 inches.

Discus: 6th place Ashley Poprik, 3rd place Hailey Daniel, and 2nd place Emily McCleary.

High Jump: 5th Cassidy Rogers, 4th Maddie Tamplin, and 1st Haley Wilton with a personal record of 4 feet 8 inches.

Pole Vault: 4th place Sophie Bullard, 3rd place Kaitlyn Kocman, 1st place Bethany Butler.

3200 meters/Two mile: 4th Cassandra Hudson, 3rd place Rosetta Wang, and 2nd place Jillian Phillips.

1600/mile run: 5th Maddie Lawrence, 3rd Jillian Phillips, 2nd with a PR was Haley Wilton.

Sprint Relay placed 1st with a time of 51.78. Runners were: Ashley Hall, LaDonna Allen, Kaitlyn Kocman, and Rachael Gracia 

800 m Run:3rd place Hannah Peirdolla, 2nd place Aimee Hodges, and 1st place went to Bethany Butler.

100m Hurdles: 4th place Caelie Rockwell, and 1st place with a PR went to Brook Buckley.

100m Dash: 6th Cassidy Rogers, 3rd Amber Black, and 1st with a PR Rachael Gracia.

400 m Run: 4th Emily Sanders, 3rd Amber Black, and 1st Kate Hinckley.

300m Hurdles: 5th Kyleigh Burson, 2nd Aly Chavez, and 1st Maddie Tamplin.

200m Dash: we went 1-2-3, 3rd Kaityn Kocman, 2nd Breana Thompson, and 1st with a new Personal Record Ashley Hall.

Mile Relay: 1st place with a time of 4 minutes 34 seconds, runners were Rachael Gracia, Bethany Butler, Ashley Hall, and Kate Hinckley. 


High Point for the meet was Rachel Gracia with 28 points. 





The 7th grade girls scored 256 points to win the CSMS meet last night. Caldwell was 2nd and Madisonville was 3rd. 


Individual Scorers:

Long Jump: 2nd Cameron Winder, 1st place Annika Williams

Triple Jump: 5th Parker Kilpatrick, 4th Maris Cottrell, 3rd Anna Kate Bradford.

Shot Put: 5th Adrienne Vessell, 2nd Annika Williams, 1st with a personal record Sophie Cox.

Discus: 3rd Moly Luedke, and 1st Taryn Hairston.

High Jump: 4th Erin Clendenin, 2nd Natalie Martin, and 1st place Anna Kate Bradford.

Pole Vault: 2nd place Bayli Adelman


2400 m: 5th Caroline Lawrence,3rd Grace Beikirch, 1st Cayce Gaston

1600 m Run: 2nd Callie Woods, 1st place Anna Kate Bradford

Sprint Relay placed 2nd: Runners were Branasha Lewis, Payton Williams, Victoria De La Garza, and Annika Williams.

800 m run: 1-2-3 sweep: 3rd Erin Clendenin, 2nd Abby White, and 1st place Shawnee Chavez.

100m Hurdles: 1-2-3 sweep: 3rd Katelyn Silvey, 2nd Hailey Thornton, 1st place Annika Williams

100m Dash: 6th Payton Williams, 4th Branasha Lewis.

800 m Relay placed 3rd: Runners were: Branasha Lewis, Kately Silvey, Cameron Winder, McKenzie Bennett

400m Run: 6th Kallie Kurtz, 3rd Elise Payne, and 1st place Shawnee Chavez.

300m Hurdles: 4th Krista Collins, 3rd Faith Sicinski.

200m run: 6th Halle Wellmann, 5th Parker Kilpatrick, 2nd Victoria De La Garza. 

Mile Relay: 1st place with a time of 4 minutes 45 seconds: Natalie Martin, Shawnee Chavez, Erin Payne, and Annika Williams. 


High Point scorer for this meet was Annika Williams with 37 points.




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