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7th Grade Year at a Glance


2018 - 2019 School Year

The CSISD Math Program Ensures:

  • CSISD math students will be able to independently use their learning to: 

    • Communicate, analyze, and justify the reasonableness of mathematical ideas in diverse situations. 

    • Persevere in solving mathematical problems. 

    • Select appropriate tools and technology to solve everyday problems with precision. 

    • Model mathematical relationships to understand and make decisions in daily life scenarios. 

Pacing Overview**

1st 6 weeks


2nd 6 weeks


3rd 6 weeks


4th 6 weeks


5th 6 weeks


6th 6 weeks


Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

Unit 6

**Note:  Throughout the year the units may shift due to testing and school activities.

Unit Overviews

Unit 1:  Rational Number Relationships and Applications

  • TIMELINE: 9 weeks

  • SUMMARY:  Students represent and use rational numbers in a variety of forms.  Students will add,  

subtract, multiply, and divide while solving problems and justifying solutions. 

  • Rational Number Representations and Operations (6 weeks)

  • Equations and Inequalities (3 weeks)

Unit 2:  Proportional Reasoning

  • TIMELINE: 8 weeks

  • SUMMARY:  Students represent and solve problems involving proportional relationships.   Students will 

use multiple representations to represent linear relationships.

  • Applications of Proportional Reasoning (6.5 weeks)

  • Similar Figures and Scale Drawings (1.5 weeks)

Unit 3:  Measurement and Geometry

  • TIMELINE: 7 weeks

  • SUMMARY:  Students use geometry to describe or solve problems involving proportional relationships.   

Students develop understandings of geometric relationships to solve geometric problems.  

  • Angle Relationships (0.5 week)

  • Area and Circumference of Circles (1.5 weeks)

  • Area of Composite Shapes (2.5 weeks)

  • Volume of Prisms and Pyramids (2.5 weeks)

Unit 4: Financial Literacy 

  • TIMELINE: 1.5 weeks

  • SUMMARY:  Students will work towards developing an economic way of thinking and problem solving 

useful in one's life as a knowledgeable consumer and investor.

Unit 5:  Probability and Statistics

  • TIMELINE: 4 weeks

  • SUMMARY:   Students use  probability and statistics to describe or solve problems involving 

proportional  relationships. 

  • Probability (2 weeks)

  • Data Interpretation (3 weeks)

Unit 6: Preview of 8th Grade

  • TIMELINE: 1 week (after STAAR)

  • SUMMARY:  After the STAAR is given, there is still a small amount of class time remaining before the 

year is over. These topics will be used to help students with the transition from Grade 7 Mathematics to Grade 8 Mathematics.  These topics will be varied based on teacher choice and student needs.